Full Service Metal Packaging Company

We are a one-stop shop for all metal packaging needs of our discerning and quality conscious customers.

Our production capacity for three piece cans is unmatched in India. This has helped us scale with the result that we are able to offer superior quality cans at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

  • Using superior offset printing methods, high definition imagery and graphics can be printed on body and closures for maximum impact.
  • A host of design features including beading and embossing are available to make our customers’ products stand out.
  • We offer a wide variety of lacquering/ lining solutions and guidance by in-house chemical engineers to help our customers opt for solutions that optimize filled product integrity and increase shelf-life.

Conical pails are an optimum packaging solution and are widely used by paint and chemical companies internationally. We provide conical pails which adhere to international specifications at costs that are in line with those of traditional bulk-packaging options.

  • Conical pails offer a unique packaging option on account of the sleek and attractive package contours.
  • Conical pails can be conveniently stacked. This leads to accrual of substantial savings in storage space requirement during transport.
  • Metal offset printing, embossing, beading, and specialized lacquering available on these, as per customer requirements.
  • Use of epoxyphenolic lacquer allows conical pails to be used to attractively package high end decorative emulsion paints.

We have developed tinplate drums as a unique packaging solution. These drums have considerable advantages over traditional CR/ GI drums.

  • They are available at more competitive prices.
  • Shelf life and chemical integrity of filled products is highly improved on account of inherent anti-rusting and inert qualities of tinplate.
  • Attractive offset printing is possible as opposed to only screen printing available on traditional drums.
  • Lighter container weight with enhanced strength.
  • There is no requirement to clean drums from the inside, as is the case with traditional drums, making tinplate drums ideal to ensure no contamination occurs and product integrity is not compromised.
  • Lacquering with alkyd/ epoxyphenolic/ specialized lacquers is possible.
  • Range of closure options available including 4” mouth with plug and cap-seal, spout top, and threaded 2” mouth.

In the retail pack segment we offer the following products in all industry standard dimensions:

  • Dual cans: especially fabricated for 2-pack products, this unique can offers separability features of typical 2-pack packaging in one unit.
  • Deep drawn cans: fabricated via extrusion, as opposed to traditional welding and bottom seaming processes, this can offers maximum resilience to leakage and great material savings.
  • Putty Cans: equipped with tight fitting press lids these cans are available in standard sizes used for wall putty.
  • Spout Top Cans: best suited for products where there is gas build-up after filling, these cans allow excess pressure to be released from the vented spout top.
  • Brush-in-can Tin
  • Integrated Cans
  • We are committed to providing optimal solutions to our clients. In keeping with this, we also offer supply of standard size components, printed sheets, plain sheets, and scroll-cut sheets. Full customization ranging from choice of tinplate grade, number of bodies to be printed on a sheet, to packing type is available.
  • This has proved particularly useful to our customers across East Africa and the Middle East, given hefty transport costs are minimized.
  • We strive to ensure we that our array of products caters to all metal packaging requirements of our customers. New products are constantly being developed and added to our existing range.
  • Food Cans (Coffee Cans / Milk Powder Cans / Cans with RLT System): We carry out printing and forming of food cans at designated areas in our units where increased adherence to hygiene, as well as food safety norms is assured. Additionally, all lacquers, compounds and printing inks used are food-safe.
  • Gift Cans: We offer cans in various shapes and sizes for promotional and gifting purposes. These are largely customizable depending on customer requirements.