In addition to supplying metal packaging we provide a range of services to our customers to ensure we are a true partner every step of the way.

We offer advisory services on what packaging would work best for which products. Advisories are issued after due consideration with our metal packaging R&D team, tool room team and in-house chemical engineers and experts.

We understand that customer needs are different.  In line with specific customer requirements we offer customization of products from our existing portfolio, or fabricate new dies for tailor-made products at our tool-room.

Our logistics team coordinates with transport providers to ensure hassle-free delivery of our products to specified locations in a swift and cost-efficient manner. Detailed advice on order sizes which maximize transport cost efficiency is provided.

We undertake inventory management for our clients to enable them to maintain minimum stock inventory at their production facilities. Reliable supplies are made with drastically reduced lead times to ensure our customers can operate with maximum flexibility and efficiency. 

We offer complete solutions including logistical and regulatory assistance to ensure that importing our products is a cost effective and hassle free experience for our overseas customers.